The Old Post Office originally belonged to The Manor House, Mill Road, Stratton Audley which was built and altered from the 16th Century onwards. Allegedly, the building itself was used as a bothy for gardeners of the Manor when the house's gardens extended beyond the perimeters of what is now residential area.

The premises became a thriving Post Office and Shop in the 1960s which was run by Mr Morgan, Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Hanks.  We are unsure of what date the Post Office closed, but it continued life as a Chiropractic clinic until a few years ago.

In November 2011, Joanne moved into The Old Post Office to form a podiatry clinic along with Emma.  Helen and Jenny since joined the team.


Forging a link to Cherry name

" As a child, I used to wonder why our street in Stratton Audley, near Bicester, was named Cherry Street because it had no cherry trees in it. just a line of lime trees.

It wasn't until I was in my fifties and looked into my family's history that I found the answer, a very surprising one, for me anyway.

My great grandmother's maiden name was Cherry and she was the daughter of the village blacksmith, whose forge was located on the corner at the entrance of the street, so the street was named after him or his, and my, forebears.

Her husband became the sixth generation of blacksmiths at least to run the forge continually from the early 1700s.

Sadly, he died in his early thirties, but my great grandmother was still running the business in 1871.

As a boy I used to go into the forge quite often to work the bellows for the elderly blacksmith (no relation of mine) who ran the  forge then, not knowing that generations of my forebears had done the same."

David Rolfe, Burford Road, Witney


If you know of any history relating to The Old Post Office, we would be interested to find out more.  Please click here to see our contact details.